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“Love is not a token you pass from one person to another. It does not abide by the laws of time, or logical sense, or reality.”


Serafina Bloodstone is a sorceress. After the Queen of the Giants takes her husband, she strikes a deal with an immortal trickster. The cost—her blood bond.


Through her newfound partnership, she soon realizes that Riyan is not the only one she must save from captivity. She journeys back to Hyton Palace to uncover dark mysteries and secure Riyan’s freedom. 


Serafina hides her magic in the midst of the Duke’s dazzling parties, all while never knowing which mouths are full of deceit and which cups are full of poison. The line between a villain and an ally is thinner than a thread, but the clock is ticking. If Serafina does not save Riyan quickly enough, heads will roll.


The Sorceress of Lycaster is the second book in the Lycaster series, a new adult romantic fantasy with cutthroat royals, political espionage, and the most magical love story ever told.


*** All preorders will come with a signature and personal message (if requested) from Perci Jay, and all preorder goodies that get unlocked.


The Sorceress of Lycaster (Paperback)

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