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When you are brought up to be only a bride, you are nothing until you are married. Then someone else decides what you are.


Serafina Ravenwood is a liar. Caught between bloodthirsty giants destroying her homeland and a cruel Duke who shatters her family, Serafina only has one option to survive-marry the heir to the Dukedom of Lycaster.


Serafina spends seven years charming and deceiving him into securing her place as his wife. As her promised marriage was within her grasp, a notorious half-giant known only as "the Beast" crushes her plans.


But the half-giant is only the beginning. She learns the glittering life of Lycaster's court is nothing more than a world of beautiful lies. To survive in the endless labyrinth of deceit, Serafina must become more than just a bride. She will shed her white dress and transform into a plotter, a lover, a manipulator, a rival, and an assassin-or else her fate is sealed.


The Bride of Lycaster is the first book in the Lycaster series, a heart-wrenching romantic fantasy full of magic, twisted fairytales, and dark family secrets.


Signed by Perci Jay. 

The Bride of Lycaster (Hardcover)

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