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The Bride of Lycaster

New Adult Romantic Fantasy

Out Now!

When you are brought up to be only a bride, you are nothing until you are married. Then someone else decides what you are.

The Bride of Lycaster is the first book in the Lycaster series, a heart-wrenching romantic fantasy full of magic, twisted fairytales, and dark family secrets.

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Red Flowers

Perci Jay

If you were looking for an escape, you came to the right place.

This is the home of Perci Jay, Romantic Fantasy author. Here you will find stories of adventure, devastating tragedy, love stories that transcends time, and unexpected Daddy issues.

Follow me on my socials for writing tips and tricks. Aspiring authors are the life blood of the written word. Whether you have a published masterpiece in your hands or scrawled prose in a spiral-bound notebook, you are valued and welcome here.


Here from TikTok?

I was challenged to write a short story based on a mad-lib prompt. What I ended up with was:

"After her 18th birthday, an annoying, not-like-the-other-girls trope must kiss a prince to save the moon. Everything is going to plan until she discovers the prince is a good person."

I gave myself a week deadline and wrote "Prince of Shadows."

"Prince of Shadows" is a YA fantasy romance  short story with morally grey characters, shadow magic, death magic, and philosophy on balance.

Approx. reading time: 1 hr.

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